Monitoring of remote exams

We offer solutions for remote monitoring of exams (remote proctoring) by deeply integrating with industry-leading proctoring solution providers. Our experienced team helps you find the right option for your needs.

In this context, integration means that the interfaces of the solution providers are connected to bizExaminer and that the backoffice user accounts can be linked to each other. As a result, exam dates are created conventionally in bizExaminer via the user interface or via bizExaminer API and can optionally be set as remotely monitored. The corresponding proctoring sessions are automatically created in the third-party systems.

Independent of the integrated proctoring systems, there is also the possibility to implement custom monitoring processes with bizExaminer using established solutions such as Zoom, MS Teams, or BigBlueButton. In these cases, the lockdown client bizGuard is often enabled to ensure additional security.

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